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      • Five things you never knew about Pac-Man

        What, exactly, does Pac-Man mean? You may have heard the story about how a pizza with a missing slice inspired Pac-Man's design.

      • It’s Pac-Man, the Musical | Plugged In - Yahoo Games

        From Yahoo Games: By Claudine Zap, Yahoo! Buzz Log There's Pac-Man the video game. Pac-Man the TV show. And now, some clever folks bring you Pac-Man the musical. For ...

      • Play Free Arcade & Action Games | Yahoo Games

        Play the latest arcade & action games on Yahoo Games. Play single and multiplayer arcade & action games and leave your comment about the games.

      • Now Pac-Man's getting his own restaurant

        From Yahoo Games: Given that Pac-Man has been gobbling dots and ghosts for some 34 years now, it's pretty amazing that no one has thought to tie the character to a ...

      • Happy 35th birthday, Pac-Man! | Plugged In - Yahoo Games

        From Yahoo Games: Pac-Man, the yellow, pellet-munching icon who was instrumental in turning the video game industry into the pop culture juggernaut it is today, is ...

      • You Can Play Pac-Man on Google Maps - Yahoo Games

        Presumably meant to be an (early) April Fools' day joke, Google has made it possible to play Pac-Man using Google Maps. As discovered by Offworld, pressing the Pac ...